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Sunday, 27 July 2008

Solitude (or social networking)

Where do I seek solitude
In crowds of desperate magnitude?
In a corner of the room
Or plunging headlong in everyone else’s gloom?

Reflection is but a potential key
To unlock our frantic flee
Is that our or should it be me?

Speeding, speeding speeding
What am I to ping?
Clicker, Flikr or Zing?
Where is my home for networking?

Questions of late
How do we continue to create?
Is it a distracted seeking?
Or hiding behind the bling, bling?

Where do I take theMarketSoul?
Is it a process or a goal?

Is the gaol
Merely a symbol of my fail?
..(ure) to drive me on to moor
or fall victim to the lure
of the empty seeking
for the map
or is it space
I seek to hold up my poker Ace?
Where are we off to in this age?
Running to or from our rage?
And that is where I stop
Or tempt the lure to flop


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