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Sunday, 20 July 2008

The Paradox of Being – Counter Intuitive actions and ways of living (or being)

This article will actually be a study or exploration in relational commercial encounters or law of contract, through “acts of engagement”, which is seen as the extension or natural evolution of the contractual underpinnings or foundation of Western Society’s commercial activity.

So to condense some of the bigger picture conceptual issues raised in the previous paragraph to ‘plain English’ then:

In recent months I have begun to grow more disillusioned with the general ‘confrontational’ or adversarial contractual relationships that generally exist and persist in commercially driven activities. And this bugs me. I believe that I have a strongly developed sense of intuition, my sixth sense, that picks up on these ‘underlying’ issues and then a ‘natural urge’ kicks in to try and tease out the underlying adversarial issues, in order to move to a more engaged or cooperative state of interaction between contracting parties.

And the driver for this feeling and view has been my experience living and working for seven years in the Middle East, where in general I would say a commercial contract merely acts to extend an underlying relationship of trust and mutual respect which already exists between contracting parties, rather than to other way as generally experience in Western Society.

So with these writings and research, over the coming months I will endeavor to explore and tease out the theoretical basis for these ideas, thereby developing a thoroughly researched view of “Counter Intuitive Actions and ways of living (or being)”.

I would welcome all and any contributions by either leaving comments, by clicking on the link, or by sending me an email on, should you want to remain anonymous in your contributions.

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