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Wednesday 14 May 2008

...a cry to Battle...

3resource LLP & &

Story telling is the new creative process in business effectiveness…

I am the chief storyteller and creative force at 3resource and

We are International Programme (Change) Managers and Humane Venture Capitalists…fed up with the negative image and connotations ‘Vulture Capitalists’ are giving to the Venture Capitalist industry.

We are investigating the “Open source of Ideas” and working towards mending the tyranny of the status quo and the flaws inherently caused and perpetrated by “Information Asymmetry”.

We firmly believe in the creative and relatively regulation free ‘Private Equity’ industry as an engine of growth and promoter of Civil Society values and morals as part of creating opportunity for extraordinary people to create and experience independent and coercive free societies and lifestyles for themselves.

The story goes something like this…

Once upon a time the world was a good and uncomplicated place. It was a small place, with neighbours and friends, tradesmen and merchants living closely together in clusters of innovation. People knew each other, and cared for each other and their communities. It wasn’t a perfect place, because people had lords and masters to serve. Masters who expected a rent for the land utilised and fealty in the form of services from the people to defend the region in case of attack.

However, people’s lives were mostly unregulated and public scrutiny and persecution was rare, provided you conformed to generally accepted social and hierarchical norms.

Then came free market entrepreneurs, the new ‘lords’ of wealth creation outside of the mainstream system of landed gentry and peasantry. These captains of industry helped reshape the landscape, some for the good and others to our detriment. It is these rogue individuals that helped us slip into the challenging and precarious position we find ourselves in today.

In the meantime, people had also started appointing new lords or masters in the form of elected representatives to a common body of representation. These elected and representative members where appointed on social contracts and terms (mandates) to represent their local constituents fairly and equitably in the common sanctums of the representative chambers.

However, this elected body had to appoint agents as their implementers of policy and action. Thus government of the people passed to an unelected body acting as agents for their principals in the corridors of increasing power and alienation.

Thus started the DISCONNECT and erosion of Civil Society and the emergence of a new Ruling Elite and their Agents of ‘Erosion and Deception’, with the subsequent the rise of Political Society.

We as those landless peasants, yet increasingly educated and even more frustrated and disillusioned people, have sat back and allowed this injustice to envelop us, squeezing the life blood out of our existence and encroaching even more and more on our daily existences.

Yet our answer is to continue to sit back and soak it all up, handing the reins to the power and control of our own lives to an unjust, undemocratic and unfair system!

This erosion of our basic freedoms has only occurred over the last 200 years, yet human existence brought us through at least 10,000 years of recorded history, relatively unscathed, yet stronger and more secure individuals, for the process.

Anyone who argues that we cannot exist in a less controlled and less authoritarian environment has been so duped and dazzled by the bright lights of coercive power, that I despair and implore you to start thinking and realising the gift of life and free existence we have lost; unless we start standing up for ourselves and fighting the injustice of the modern political system.

Anyone brave enough to make a stand against this injustice and the erosion of our basic and god-given freedoms?

Myths and tall tales are the instruments through which fear and mistrust is being spread amongst the general populous. A new frame has been created within which we imprison ourselves, yet very few of us realise that we can and must look outside of this new frame. Very few of us have recognised this powerful technique of storytelling being deployed ‘against us’. But, we have the power and ability to fight back and fight them at their own game, by telling fables and stories of HOPE, JOY and POSSIBILITIES.

I trust that you will equally recognise the opportunity we have to stand up and fight back in order to recapture the lost ground of the last two centuries.

Let’s engage in the intellectual battle of storytelling and hope generation, together, aligned and stronger…

Vive la STORY…
© 2008 - theMarketSoul


"The moment of enlightenment is when a person's dreams of possibilities become images of probabilities." - Vic Braden

Sunday 11 May 2008

FiscalDesigners (Tax Planning)

Fiscal Minimisation Designers are we,
Identifying your jurisdiction
Could be a precarious prediction
Depending on the argument
Leads to our predicament

And loop hole designers are we
Depending on the size of your fee
Will keep us discreet
And you on your feet

Cranking the adding machine
Might keep us slightly keen
But like everything
We live on a prayer and a wing
And you shiny bling
Keeps us from a dishonest fling

So where should we go
And mind you not too slow
Our vehicle of Trust
Is the main thrust
So watch out for the blast ,
it might not be the last

So off he runs,
With all your ones
And a penny to spare, if you and I dare!
[work in progress]

© theMarketSoul 2008