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Sunday, 11 May 2008

FiscalDesigners (Tax Planning)

Fiscal Minimisation Designers are we,
Identifying your jurisdiction
Could be a precarious prediction
Depending on the argument
Leads to our predicament

And loop hole designers are we
Depending on the size of your fee
Will keep us discreet
And you on your feet

Cranking the adding machine
Might keep us slightly keen
But like everything
We live on a prayer and a wing
And you shiny bling
Keeps us from a dishonest fling

So where should we go
And mind you not too slow
Our vehicle of Trust
Is the main thrust
So watch out for the blast ,
it might not be the last

So off he runs,
With all your ones
And a penny to spare, if you and I dare!
[work in progress]

© theMarketSoul 2008

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