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Friday 25 April 2008

Funky New Jobs Titles

In this new, new world of work
What titles are there yet to lurk?
The new MD
He or she or it could be:
Maverick Director;
Not your average reflector!

The IM is the person
Where intuition is the key
Or are they the Ideas Merchants
or just another fee?

IT stands for Interesting Thing
Technology drives the process
And we are told that knowledge
Must definitely be better than porridge!

The SD drives the sales
Or Sets Deception
Yet revenue collection
their fortunate projection

The HR director,
You’d better respect ‘er
Yet Human Potential
Sounds much more consequential?

Or politically correct,
You OLD cynical fool!
Now even that word
We must reject!

Where am I heading?
With this you ask
Must there be an end?
Or just another bend?

Charisma, inspiration
Or just hyper inflation?
Inspired Profit Mechanic
just more rats running manic?

But to get to the point
I forgot my route
Just tinkering
Under this hood.

I look forward
For backwards is hard
Because of this strain
And a lot of neck pain

Yes, its true!
In the race of life
Looking over my shoulder
I had it all misconstrued

No matter what you call yourself
As long as you with hand on heart
Can jump and not worry, off that shelf
Look out below!!! I’ve made my start!

© 2008 - theMarketSoul

Saturday 19 April 2008

Business Ideas...

Ideas, we’ve had them
Since Eve deceived Adam
But take it from me,
Execution's the key”

A stanza from a poem entitled “How to get Rich” by Felix Dennis

I would suppose an approach to answering your question, would be to state:

“It depends on how you slice and dice it?”

What is meant by this statement, is that it depends on "where you are now?" and "where are you coming from?"

Are there any urgent needs or unfulfilled desires?
Is there a “tyranny of the status quo?”
Is there a need to re-invigorate profits?
Is it innovation you are after or merely idea generation?
As examples…

If we learn to open our eyes and engage and interact in the world around us, on a slightly different basis, veering slightly off the normal path or direction, keeping an open mind and asking “why” type questions all the time, we might continuously stumble across opportunities to recognize business ideas.

I am investigating the “open source of ideas” via social networking at the moment and your questions fits neatly into this type of category and investigation.

Ideas can also set off a chain reaction and following on from the themes in the poem by Felix Dennis in summary chain would probably look like this:

Ideas [require]
Funding [which attracts]
People [who engage in the]
Execution [adding to]
Overheads [which reduces]
Profit [margins shrinking and leads to a]
Focus [and a need to]
Question the initial proposition [which again leads to]

Rohan Badenhorst