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Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Professional Gypsy

I am a professional gypsy.

So what do I mean by this?

I am:

1. Professionally qualified

2. An international citizen, chasing opportunity wherever opportunity may take me

3. Not necessarily welcome where I come from, and not necessarily welcome where I am now and furthermore, probably not welcome where I am going to…

4. Cynical

Sorry I just had to put down the last point, because it might not be apparent (yet, if you haven’t read past this blog entry), that I am mostly angry and potentially very cynical.

So, what is a professional gypsy class like myself to do?

Some global citizens do not operate on a level playing field. Now that’s fine by me, because it suits me. Lets face it, if the proverbial flak starts coming in, I NEED that ‘unlevel’ playing field to duck behind something solid to save the other proverbial behind bit.

Yet, I find it increasingly frustrating that as a skilled and experienced professional, I on the odd occasion find myself bashing my head against bureaucratic immigration nonsensical idealism or plain and simple ‘catch all’ process driven structures and legislation.

Anyway, enough of the negative stuff.

As a professional gypsy, my ethos is to keep on the move, constantly seeking opportunity, contributing ‘value adding’ activity to local economies and businesses, living by the principle that I will not grow roots and permanently displace to the local populous from moving in, when the temporary ‘resource scarcity’ / allocation problems have been resolved. This is a principle and as long as people understand that, I think they can accept and internalise the concept, which in turn makes me more acceptable to them.

So, my question is thus:

Do you think it will be an accepted answer, by the next process driven immigration control officer, if in the occupation box I put – Professional Gypsy?

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