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Monday, 30 November 2009

Dublin blues

I have just returned from a 25 hour 12 minute stay in Dublin. Don't ask me how I can be so accurate on the exact duration of the stay. Apparently it is because I own a wrist watch, can read and interpret time and was not blind drunk and 'over imbibed' during my entire 25 hour 12 minute stay.

Moving swiftly on to the next paragraph...

What struck me most about the trip was how different the atmosphere and people were in Ireland. Now I only spent time in the Ballsbridge area, very close to the old / new Landsdown Road stadium.

We won't re-visit the 15 - 10 defeat the Springboks suffered on Saturday at Croke Park against the 6 Nation champions Ireland, except to say that it was highly insensitive to the gorilla bands of Springbok supporters scattered all over the sports bars and pubs in Ireland to screen the match again during the time that they needed to drown their sorrows in the national dark liquid... Personally, I blame the mist and fog over Croke Park for this latest installment on our misadventure of an autumn rugby tour.

However, the three things that struck me most about this flying visit was the fact that:

1) It rained a lot in Dublin and the wind made it quite bitter and cold,
2) That even if people speak the same language as you, there is always the possibility that you won't be able to understand a word they are saying and finally,
3) I can't remember a single thing, because I must have been blind drunk for 23 hours and 12 minutes of this trip. (I needed the two hours to sober up at the airport or be put off my flight).

Therefore to conclude: It must have been a good trip, otherwise I would only have remembered the bad bits...

Have a good rest(ing) of the week.

I certainly need the recovery time.

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