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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Banana Wars are here

Yes, it is official, the Banana Republic state of the national fiscal debt crisis has lead to banana price wars being declared between the major supermarkets.

I picked up, quite deliberately and not by mistake, the biggest selling national tabloid newspaper on Friday 9 October 2009, due to its very sharp and insightful analysis of the recent Tory party conference.  I deftly navigated past the Page 3 detour, reading the opening and concluding paragraphs of the page 6 editorial (that investment in my legal taxation training back in my uni days has therefore paid off, learning how to read and digest case law files), and found myself being drawn further into the murkier depths of the newspaper.  I eventually after approximately 27 seconds hit page 30 and came across the Asda banana price declaration; down from a whopping 84p per kilo to only 38p per kilo!  Wow, I thought to myself, better rush out immediately, before they are all gone.

I persevered with the paper and after a further 36 seconds of intensive reading, hit the Tesco declaration on page 67 that a 1kg pack of bananas was only 35p, and that double club card points were now on offer.

Double wow I thought, I could spend at least 4p more on petrol to drive to the Tesco that is further away, in order to take advantage of the 3p saving on the bananas on offer.

We have been shopping at Aldi recently and yesterday the wife asked one of the students living with us at the moment to pick up a few essentials (fresh fruit and veg at Aldi).  And the best part was that I didn’t spend a penny on petrol to get there, as he picked up the stuff on his bicycle on the way back from school.

So, the ‘piece de resistance’ came this morning when my wife unwrapped the packet and declared that we had only spent 32p on a pack of bananas!!! 

Whoopeee I thought, we are on to a winner here!

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