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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

"Maverdox" Behaviour

Can I ask you a question?

 You know how organisations today, crave for the new killer ideas, that will add value tomorrow and drive the enterprise forward, because the existing product portfolio has grown or will soon grow stale? 

Organisations are actively looking for Maverick thinkers. 

But, the problem is that most mavericks are just that: MAVERICK in the total delivery of their behaviour, their package.

 Mavericks tend to refuse to conform to the accepted thinking on a subject, yet you ‘buy in’ a potential problem child!

 Now this is where I come in.

 I am a centred Maverick, essentially a person grounded in a very principled, professional frame.  All that happens is that I just change the lenses I, and the other people use to look at the world. 

The paradox phrase or euphemism would be a conformist maverick, however I call it a maverdox.

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