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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

My learning today

The road we travel,
The pain, misfortune and misery,
Along the way; will never be witnessed.

Yet in meeting our fellow travellers,
Many a moment we will be judged,
And whether the sweat dripping from our brow,
or the dust discolouring our tunic;
always stand up proud and straight,
with decorum and faith.

Hold up your head proud,
Never in anger; bite your lip,
Wipe the tear,
But banish the fear.

For if you look or squint carefully,
You will see across the divide,
Staring back at you a face,
With more pain and fear or anger to hide...
Smile, reach out and clasp the hand in friendship,
Whether real or pretence, let civility descend,
And your humanity rule (supreme).

theMarketSoul © 2010

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